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Here is something Tim will have to change. Bwahahaha!

March 2004
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Microsoft are suing a 17 year old guy in Canada for naming his website and part-time webdesigning business MikeRoweSoft, claiming that it infringes on the good Microsoft name and may confuse customers.

As the owner and proprietor of the website and company rightly points out, Microsoft don't design websites. He also points out, quite legitimately, that his name is Mike Rowe, and adding "Soft" to the end of that shouldn't be a felony. He's probably had the name longer than Microsoft's had theirs (maybe not. I might need to check into that.)

This shit has got to stop. Fuck corporate greed and corporate inhumanity. When they can't accuse free software of being unconstitutional, they're out picking on 17 years olds.

(Check out www.mikerowesoft.com for the full story.)

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The final chapter in my Sharp Zaurus diatribe has been written. Finally, after months of wandering, and countless efforts to have OpenZarus and Opie living harmoniously with my Zaurus, the task has been acheived...

Warning: boring geek story contained within!Collapse )

"Microsoft on Monday launched a new advertising campaign designed to extend its "fact based" assault on the Linux operating system."

"According to [Bruce] Perens [of the Open Source Initiative], the advertisement simply shows that Microsoft is afraid of Linux, and gives the open source operating system more credibility in the enterprise. "I think that Microsoft should continue this campaign in other publications," he says. "In fact, they should buy some TV ads; maybe a Superbowl ad." "

Full article here.

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Some good shit this month so far (and the JSA/Hawkman crossover hasn't even started yet!):

Caper #1 & #2Collapse )

Batman #621-632 -- Broken CityCollapse )

Superman/Batman #5Collapse )

JLA #91Collapse )

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From eWEEK.com:

"I've said it before, and I still believe it: 2004 won't be the year of the Linux desktop. But I do think the foundations are being dug for 2005 to be that year."

Full story here

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This guy (paragraph 2) is my new hero:

"A Microsoft program manager in Great Britain has sent e-mail to Linux user group administrators asking them to participate in a survey purportedly intended to help Microsoft improve its operating systems--and, probably, to compete better with Linux."

"One list administrator who was contacted declined the offer to help. The Minnesota Northfield Linux Users Group administrator says, "I turned him down. There are a number of reasons why, but they mostly boil down to this: There is no incentive for us to give Microsoft our time and advice. They could never reciprocate. They're not interested in making the computing world better; they're only interested in making their next quarter revenues. That's fine, I'm not antibusiness. But business is business and freedom is freedom; they want free beer and I want free speech. I have definite goals in using Linux, and helping someone whose bosses [for example] fund SCO contradict that." "

Full story here.

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Tony was a bit behind with his comic shipments this week; it worked out well, because all the comics I've been hanging out for came in at once. It turned out to be a good week for comics in the DCU:

1. Outsiders #7: A surprisingly decent effort by Winick and the crew. Collapse )

2. Teen Titans #6: Featuring the JLACollapse )

3. Robin #121: A new team takes over Robin, injecting fresh life into the seriesCollapse )

4. The Goon #4: Featuring 2 mini-adventures, The Goon #4 is really more of a distraction than an issue.Collapse )

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So where were you when Saddam was busted?

Me, I was on the can.

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I'm LJ-cutting this entry for the sake of my friends list. For most, it is a very fricken boring story.

More OpenZaurus AdventuresCollapse )

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Sadly, the time has come to comprise a list of comics I am currently most eagerly awaiting. Here, in order of most to least importance to me, is the list of comics I am saving my pennies for:

1. Superman/BatmanCollapse )

2. JSA/HawkmanCollapse )

3. Robin #121Collapse )

4. JLACollapse )

5. Teen TitansCollapse )

6,7,8.The Goon, Batman Detective Comics, Wake the DeadCollapse )

9. OutsidersCollapse )

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