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Oolon Colluphid [userpic]
And the "No Fucking Shit" award goes to...

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - Nothing is more sacred to the Microsoft than its crown jewels - the millions of lines of secret computer code that propelled it from garage startup to one of the world's wealthiest corporations.

"But now a huge chunk of that software is circulating on the Internet, giving rivals, hackers and nerds an unprecedented opportunity to peer into the inner workings of the Windows operating system, which runs the vast majority of the world's personal computers."

They say: "How the leak occurred still is being investigated with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Suspicion at first fell on the open-source movement, a global network of software programmers and users, many of whom who disdain Microsoft as a monopolizer and insist that computer code should be freely available for the benefit of all.

"But now invesigators have switched their attention to one of Microsoft's partner companies as a possible source of the leak."

Between the lines: "At first, everyone thought that those dirty Linux hippies -- you know, the ones that wrote the myDoom virus -- had stolen the code. Then Microsoft looked at the issue and realised that one of it many other enemies might have been responsible."

They say: "A partner company that adapts Windows software for use on UNIX computers has come under suspicion as a possible source of the code leak.

Between the lines: "...so even though Linux users aren't directly responsible, it may have been stolen by some UNIX hippies, whom are almost certainly in league with dirty fucking Linux users. Obviously, this is a case of OS-wars, and not just a case of one of Microsoft's many disgruntled clients getting pissed off and trying to fuck over the largest, tyrannic monopoly in computer software history. Er...did we mention that GPL is unpatriotic?"

They say: "What it may do, according to experts, is to offer the maliciously minded an extraordinary opportunity to probe for vulnerabilities, develop new means of hacking into computers and produce an even peskier generation of viruses, worms and trojan horses that can easily propagate when a single manufacturer controls the vast majority of the global market for operating software."

Between the lines: (Um...who needs the source code when Microsoft makes virus programming so easy for hackers. Like, say, neglecting to fix a critical vulnerability in Windows for 6 months after it was first discovered.)

They say: "Earlier in the week, Microsoft acknowledged a major security breach in the Windows software that could afford hackers unguarded access into computers that would allow them to steal or corrupt data without the knowledge of users. The company made available a patch, or piece of software, designed to close the gap. "

Between the lines: "MS provided a patch to a problem in their OS which was clearly their own fault, and we should all be very, very thankful that they're looking out for us. Aren't they great? Oh and, ::cough cough:: it took them 6 months to fix ::cough cough::.."

Full story here. (Don't read it unless you really like propaganda.)

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