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Oolon Colluphid [userpic]

Bridget and I saw Underworld today. Pretty good -- visually, very stylish, and entertaining enough. I thought they got off to a good, clean start, but it got a bit muddy toward the end. All said and done, though, it was quite a tidy story. I do think they tried to justify the plot a little bit too much -- made sure we were absolutely aware of who was good and who was bad.

I liked the way they treated the characters. There were a lot of them, and I'm glad the movie wasn't wasted trying to build them up and have us bond with them. They were all really just avatars -- yet colourful, endearing avatars. And the fact that every character was uniformly understated -- even the main characters -- meant that the movie didn't feel lacking. It was also very much in the mood of the plot and the style of that particular genre that everyone was a little bit shadowy and mysterious.

Underworld has given us a Hollywood vampire story that more or less works (forget the Blade series.) I've got a feeling Van Hesling is just going to retreat that territory. As I said to Bridget on the way out of the cinema, they nailed that slick, dark Vampire feel that everyone wants to nail. But it's like the Matrix and bullet time -- after it was done once, it was just lame to see it done anywhere else.