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Oolon Colluphid [userpic]
I hate to be anti-MS, but...

Thanks to our new ISP, we've been connected to the internet for 2 days 3 hours and 55 minutes -- and counting. This means that Linux has been running for that the same amount of time (actually, about 5 hours longer). After 50 hours of operational use as a Desktop Workstation, I have subjected my Linux box to the following:

-Compiled and recompiled a 180mb program 4 times
-Untarred 180mb program 4 times
-Installed over 20 RPMS, uninstalled about 10
-Downloaded a 150mb file twice -- (split up into 4 parts by Prozilla, that makes it 8x45mb download)
-Downloaded and installed 100+mb of icon files
-Ripped two new CDs and converted to OGG format -- about 30 songs all up.
-Played Linux native Return to Castle Wolfenstein 3 times
-Loaded Jedi Outcast twice
-Installed and configured a Firewall service
-GIMPed a couple of images

The whole time I have also had the following apps running
-XMMS (playing almost all of the time, excluding, obviously, when I was asleep)
-OpenOffice - multiple windows, at least 2 files open at once, at all times. (generally considered the biggest resource hog on the Linux desktop)
-Firebird (open constantly)
-KMail (open and shut periodically)
-KsCD (open and shut periodically)
-Logjam (have run about 3-4 times)
-SuperKarmaba DOOM Guy desktop enhancement (shows CPU usage through the DOOM guy portrait!)

On top of all of this, Bridget has had a seperate session of KDE loaded in a second terminal on various occasions. That's like running Windows XP twice on the one computer. The number of apps I have listed therefore needs to be doubled.

All this and Linux is still running like a champ -- no slowdown, no lag, no bloat, no error messages or program crashes. More to the point, any Windows-based PC would have crashed multiple times -- either completely or partially -- in 2 days of operational usage, particularily with the same strain placed on it. Linux shrugs it off.

Who says Linux isn't ready for the desktop?

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As is the Microsoft way, I condemn my enemy as a cancer to the united states!